EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL informs users of the website about its policy regarding the processing and protection of personal data of users and customers that can be collected by navigation or procurement of services through its website.


In this sense, EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL ensures compliance with current regulations regarding the protection of personal data, reflected in the Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and Royal Decree 1720/2007 of 21 December, approving the Regulation of Development of the DPA is approved.


The use of this website constitutes acceptance of this policy.



EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL has the duty to inform its website users about the collection of personal data that can be carried out, either by sending an email or by filling in forms on the website. In this sense, EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL will be considered responsible for the data collected by the means described above.


In turn, EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL informs users that the purpose of the processing of the data collected includes: attention of requests made by users, inclusion in the agenda of contacts, service delivery and management of the business relationship.


Operations, management and technical procedures that are carried out in an automated or non-automated manner and enable the collection, storage, modification, transfer and other actions of personal data, are considered processing of personal data.


All personal data that are collected through the website of  EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL, and therefore may be considered as personal data processing, will be included in the files declared to the Spanish Data Protection Agency by EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL.



EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL informs users that their personal data will not be transferred to third party organizations, except when the transfer of data is covered in a legal obligation or the provision of a service implies the need for a contractual relationship with a processing manager. In the latter case, transfer of data to a third party will only be carried out when EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL has the express consent of the user.



Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data gives interested parties the opportunity to exercise a number of rights related to the processing of personal data.


As long as the user data are processed by EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL, users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition in accordance with the provisions of current legislation on the protection of personal data.


To make use of the exercise of these rights, the user must give notice, providing a copy of their documentation of identification (ID or passport), to the following address: EURO BUSINESS MARKET, SL, Calle Sagasta, No. 15 - 2nd DCHA,. MADRID 28004, replace the aforementioned address with the General Data Protection Registry. Such communication should reflect the following information: name and surname, the petition request, address and supporting data.


The exercise of rights shall be performed by the user. However, they may be executed by an authorized person acting as authorized legal representative. In such a case, documentation must be provided proving this representation of the person concerned.


El ejercicio de derechos deberá ser realizado por el propio usuario. No obstante, podrán ser ejecutados por una persona autorizada como representante legal del autorizado. En tal caso, se deberá aportar la documentación que acredite esta representación del interesado.



Commercial Name: EBM Marketing Solutions

Registered Address: Calle Sagasta, nº 15 – 2º dcha. 28004 Madrid

CIF / NIF: B83996082

Telephone: 915912961

Fax: 915912972


Inscribed in the Registry: Mercantil de Madrid, Tomo 20058, Book 0, Page 28, Section 8,

Part M-353883, Inscription 3

Domain name: and



The provider, responsible for the website, offers users this document that aims to fulfill the obligations under the Law 34/2002 of Services of the Society of Information and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE ) and inform all users of the website as to what the conditions of use of the website are.


Any person accessing this site assumes the role of user, committing themselves to the observance and enforcement of the provisions herein, as well as any other provision of law which may be applicable.


The provider reserves the right to modify any information that could appear on the website without any forewarning or to inform users of such obligations, with the publication on the website of the provider being sufficient enough.



The provider disclaims any liability for the information posted on its website, provided that this information has been manipulated or introduced by an external party.


The website of the provider may use cookies (small information files that the server sends to the computer accessing the page) to perform certain functions that are considered essential for the proper operation and display of the site. The cookies used on the website are, in any case, temporary and for the sole purpose of making a more efficient onward transmission, and disappear when the user session ends. Under no circumstances are these cookies used to collect personal information.


From the client's website, it is possible to be redirected to third party content websites. Since the provider cannot always control the contents posted by third parties on their websites, it assumes no responsibility for such content. In any case, the provider states that it will immediately proceed to remove any content that could violate national or international law, morality or public order, proceeding to the immediate withdrawal of the redirection to the website, notifying the competent authorities of the content in question.


The provider is not responsible for the content and information stored, including but not limited to: forums, chats, blogs, reviews, social networks or any other means by which third parties publish content independently in the website provider. Nonetheless, and in compliance with the provisions of art. 11 and 16 of the LSSI-CE, the provider makes available to all users, authorities and security forces, and collaborates in an effective manner with the withdrawal or blocking of all content that might affect or violate national or international law, rights or morality and public order. If the user considers that any content that could be susceptible to this classification exists on the website, please immediately notify the website administrator.


This website has been reviewed and tested to work properly. In principle, its correct operation can be ensured 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. However, the provider does not rule out the possibility that there are certain programming errors, or disruptions that can happen due to external forces, natural disasters, strikes or similar circumstances, making it impossible to access the website.



The provider is deeply committed to compliance with Spanish regulations protecting personal data and ensures full compliance with the obligations provided and the implementation of security measures provided for in art. 9 of Law 15/1999, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD) and the Regulations of Development of the LOPD.


The provider offers users the Privacy Policy of the entity, informing users about the following aspects:


- Details of the processing manager

- Processed data

- Files in which they are stored

- Purpose of processing

- If mandatory or not to provide information, as well as the consequences of not providing.

- The rights granted to all users and the procedure for exercising said rights.



The website, including but not limited to its programming, editing, compilation and other elements necessary for its operation, designs, logos, text and/or graphics are the property of the provider or, if you have a license or authorization, the authors. All website contents are duly protected by the rules of intellectual property and registered in public records.

Regardless of the purpose for which they were intended, the total or partial reproduction, use, exploitation, distribution and marketing, of any part in any case requires the prior written authorization of the provider. Any use not previously authorized by the provider will be considered a serious breach of the rights of intellectual property of the author.


The designs, logos, text and / or graphics unaffiliated with the provider that may appear on the website belong to their respective owners who themselves are responsible for any dispute that may arise in respect thereof. In any case, the provider has the express prior authorization from them.


(Optional) The provider does/does not expressly authorize third parties to directly redirect to the specific contents of the website, and in any case must redirect to the main website of the provider.


The provider recognizes in favor of the holders their corresponding rights of intellectual property, not implicating their mere mention or appearance on the website any rights or liability of the provider on them, nor endorsement, sponsorship or recommendation thereof.


To make any comments concerning possible breaches of the rights of intellectual property, as well as any of the contents of the website, you can do so via the following email.



For the resolution of all disputes or questions relating to this website or activities developing from it, Spanish law will apply, to which all parties expressly submit themselves as competent to resolve all disputes arising or related to its use in the Courts of Madrid.


EBM Marketing solutions


Cuban Chamber of Commerce Licence No. 241/09, MINCEX Resolution No. 232, 2009, renewed November 2014

EBM Marketing solutions
EBM Marketing solutions
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